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As a technique used to create and carve out different objects, patterns, and decorative elements from wood, wood carving is one of the most creative art you can venture into. From whittling to large-scale ornately crafted projects, creativity from wood carving will undoubtedly blow your mind if you're an observer.

Wood carving

For some, wood carving is an art that stems from a lifelong passion, and it extends deep beyond a skill or a simple pastime. It only requires your proficiency, and you would value and adore the skill for the remaining part of your life. Indeed, wood carving requires dedication, patience, and great attention to detail.

As you would expect, you want your wood carving projects to be successful. Hence, the success of your wood carving projects largely depends on wood type and the quality of your carving tools. After learning about the different carving types you can do, the next is to learn about the most effective tool. Let's take a look at a few of the essential took for your wood carving projects.

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Carving Knives

One of the common tools you'll found out there is the carving knife. And it's an indispensable tool when it comes to wood carving tools with a great ease of use. Carving your wood with a carving knife is highly straightforward. You'll only need to scratch the wood surface gently, thus eliminating some of the woods in that process. However, this depends solely on the type of carving you're looking at as well as the procedure you're trying to explore.

In general, you'll find carving knives available in different sizes and shapes depending on the use. For whittling away and direct cutting, carving knives are perfect tools that'll help shape the visual appeal of your wood carving projects.


Rotary Tools

Interestingly, rotary tools are the most practical power tools you can purchase for your wood carving projects. From cutting to grinding, sculpting, and carving, rotary tools are multipurpose tools functional for a wide range of purposes without much effort.

The merit of these tools lies in their ability to work with a diverse array of discs or burrs. With rotary tools, it's quite easy to set a cutting burr and eliminate the large chunks of wood. Rotary tools are also effective on small burr for the purpose of detailing and relief carvings. The functions of rotary tools are limitless. Hence, they are essential tools to purchase once you've gained enough experience in wood carving.


Bench Knives

When it comes to having sharp blades, a bench knife is one of the indispensable tools that'll make your wood carving much easier. Being a specialized knife for wood carving, bench knives have a scalpel of about 3/4 inch or less. This allows the knife to get more closer to the piece of wood.

This is, however, different from the usual bench knife that serves its purpose in the kitchen. Bench knife for wood carving is handy and has a large handle that'll make it easy for gripping, thus, providing you with the opportunity to get in and dig out the wood in a specific way.

The mode of use of bench knives is similar to that of carving knives, but with a little bit more delicate trace.

Like carving knives, bench knives also come in different sizes, shapes, and designs, making them easy and precise for use. 


If you've ever observed a wood-carver work on a piece of wood, you have probably seen a chisel in action. Simply put, a chisel is a piece of metal that is used to cut the woods after hitting them with a hammer. Consists of a smooth edge, a chisel usually has sharp blades, making it easy to cut a large piece of wood with every hammer hit. Thus, providing the opportunity to eliminate a lot of wood and provides a deep cut without much effort.

Depending on their specific area of use, there is a wide range of chisels with different shapes and sizes. And they are perfect tools when it comes to cutting with accuracy and precision.

There you go! Perhaps a few of the essential tools used in wood carving. Other tools include electric carver, wood grinder, wood-turner, coping saw, carver's mallet, riffler, and many more.



Just like chisels, a gouge is a tool that's used to hit and hammer your wood carving projects appropriately. However, the difference between a gouge and a chisel is that a gouge has a slightly different shape compared to other types of chisels.

The gouge has a concave blade, making it possible for the carver to penetrate deep into the wood. It also provides the opportunity for easy curve making while also ensuring rounded cuts as you go deeper into the wood.

Of course, you might think it's not the easiest tool for wood carving, but it's one of the essential tools that must be on your checklist.



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