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With a wide variety of shapes and styles to select from, there is no doubt that choosing the right burr for the jewelry design isn’t an easy task. Jewelers make use of burrs for a wide range of purposes. And there is a wide range of head shapes to choose from.

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One of the reasons why there are different head shapes to select from is for you to accomplish a wide range of tasks with each style. Let’s say, for instance, a stone setter may apply up to five different head shapes of carbide burrs to accomplish a single task. Another person with just one head shape can also achieve numerous tasks.

Whether you are looking towards grinding a huge amount of metal, fine-tuning your jewelry, we’ll be presenting the different types of burrs here, which will help you narrow your choices when choosing a burr for your jewelry designs. Apart from that, you’ll also better understand the different types of burrs and their specific purposes.

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Ball Burrs

Ball burs are versatile and can be used at different angles. With their ability to get into tight areas, ball burs are popular because they are designed to serve numerous purposes. This type of burr has a ball bur in hand that can help carve recesses for sweat soldering, engraving, deburring, drilling, and enlargement of holes. Apart from that, these burrs are functional in cutting rounded notches for the setting of stones. Similarly, they are also helpful in refining prongs and bezels.



Setting Burrs

While it serves the primary purpose of cutting seats for tubes, prongs, and bezel setting, setting balls are more simple and straightforward in their application. Similarly, they also have limited ability when it comes to cutting deeper than a hart burr. Setting burr provides you with the opportunity to cut a seat at the perfect angle, especially when you are working on symmetrical stones.

When using a setting burr, it is advisable to select the specific size that perfectly matches the size of the stone you are using. Available in a wide variety of diameters, setting burrs are highly functional in roughing out a seat that can later be refined with a hart bur.

Hart (Bearing) Burrs

Hart burs share some similarities with the setting burrs in various ways. An example of that is their profiles, mostly angled at 45, 70, or 90 degrees. This represents the perfect angle that makes them excellent for flush settings. Similarly, this difference in the angle also helps them cut seats in prongs. Specifically, the 45 and 70 degrees angle makes hart burrs highly efficient in carrying out their cutting activities. While they can be used for score lines or an option to flywheels when it comes to bright cutting due to their versatility, hart burrs should be handled carefully at all times.

Cone Burrs

Typically, a cone burr consists of a straight taper used for taping holes and cleaning up the opposite sides of drilled holes. Cone burrs are multifunctional in their operation. While they can serve as enlarging or deburring tools, they are also useful for repositioning or refining a seat in a flush setting. You’ll find cone burrs available in either flat or rounded end.


Inverted Cone Burrs

An inverted cone burr makes it possible for you to create flat-bottomed undercuts. They are also designed to help cut tapered slots and start seats in and irregularly shaped bezels. Since these burrs can penetrate into the right corners, you can use them to clean the inside of the channel settings and the bezels. They can as well be used for texturing.

There you go! Perhaps we’ve been able to mention a few of the different varieties of burrs for your jewelry designs. Other types of burrs include diamond points, wax burrs, pearl peg burrs, Krause bur, wheel burr, bed bur, cylinder bur, and many more, to mention a few.

If you are really unsure of the specific type of burr that’ll suit your jewelry design, Taitatools is here to help you start out with an assortment of burs. At Taitatools, we have a wide variety of burrs that can suit the needs and wants of our customers, regardless of the type of jewelry design they are making. If you want to purchase the best burrs that perfectly aligns with your burr requirements, you’re just a click away from visiting our website. Get in Touch Today!




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