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TaitaTools Carbide burr set


Taitaools is always committed to the sales and delivery of high-quality Tungsten carbide burrs and other metal fabrication products in the industry. We are also open to receiving feedback from you to help us attain our business goal. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. That’s why we dedicate all our energy to the satisfaction of our customers worldwide in compliance with the consumer regulation.

We also offer guarantees on all our products to all our customers. If any of our products are faulty and do not meet the stated warranty, we will be liable to offer a repair or replacement. 

As a company, we are entitled to review, alter, or change the information contained in this warranty policy statement without prior notice or liability to you.


12-Month Warranty Period

Unless stated otherwise, all Taitatools Products have a warranty of 12 months beginning from the date of the original purchase.



 No Warranty Third-Party Products

Products not sold by Taitatools owe their liabilities to their sellers, manufacturers, or producers. Taitools will not be liable for any loss or damage of any third-party products that may be used in connection with our products.

Similarly, this guarantee does not also cover products that have been used for purposes other than their intended use or products that have been abused, misused, or subjected to normal wear and tear, or products that have been inadequately taken care of.


Proof of Purchase

A valid proof of purchase from our company or our approved dealer is required to qualify for any warranty from Taitatools. Failure to provide this valid proof of purchase will nullify your right to make the warranty claim on the mentioned product(s).


Limitations, Exclusions, and Disclaimers

The liability under this Taitatools warranty policy statement is subject to our satisfaction that the defect on a product is caused by defective materials or quality and was not as a result of other factors or other circumstances beyond our sole control, including but not limited to inadequate maintenance, defective control, deliberate alteration or modification of the product in an unauthorized manner. Similarly, Taitatools does not owe liability to the damage of our products caused by abuse, misuse, or improper or excessive use, or any other purpose not intended by the manufacturer.

The foregoing warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty offered by Taitatools. To the maximum extent permitted by the (Country) Consumer Law and other applicable laws, all other express and implied warranties (including without limitation the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose) are hereby disclaimed.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall Taitatools or any of its owners, officers, employees, representatives, agents or affiliates (or any of their respective successors or assigns) be responsible or otherwise liable for any direct, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the purchase, use or ownership of its products, including without limitation, damages for personal injury, property damage or economic losses, whether based on contract, warranty, negligence, product liability or any other theory. 


How to make a Warranty Claim

To make a warranty claim, you’re required to get in touch with Taitatools at (email) or visit an authorized agent or retailer closest to you with the appropriate and valid details of your claims. In your first email, kindly provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact address
  • Date of purchase of the product(s)
  • The serial number of the product(s)
  • Copy of receipts or other valid proofs of purchase
  • Details of where you purchased the product(s)
  • Reason for return of the product(s). 


Please, note that this warranty does not cover products with no valid proofs of purchase from Taitatools, the products have been worn or used, or the products have been damaged after you purchased the products, or if your reason for return is because you found the item at a cheaper price somewhere else. 



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